De Beauvoir Traditional Beef

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De Beauvoir Farm set in the tranquil setting of
Ramsden Heath was once part of the large estate
established over 200 years ago by Osmund 
De Beauvoir.

As long ago as 1724 cattle have roamed the 
pastures and grazed the unspoilt meadows under
the oaks, chestnuts and willows for shelter and
shade. The undulating hills and valleys of
permanent pasture are rich in wild flowers and
herbs creating a wonderful haven for the numerous
species of wildlife, common at De Beauvoir Farm.

Our pedigree herd of British White cattle have
been established over many years and the careful
breeding programme is producing both superb
cattle for beef production and the show ring.

Rearing our cattle along traditional methods has
resulted in a rare situation often admired but
seldom found nowadays.


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