"De Beauvoir Farm" & "The Manor of Downham"

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"De Beauvoir House"
Built by Osmund Beauvoir

The history books of Essex, inherited from my Great Grandfather, have revealed that the land of "De Beauvoir Farm" once belonged to "The Manor of Downham"

Extract from "History of Essex" by a Gentleman. 1772 (Vol. 5)
"About the reign of King John (1199), or the beginning of Henry 3rd (1216),
It seems to have belonged to a family surnamed "de Ramsden" and to William Mandeville, Earl of Essex.
It soon after came into the noble family of Le Vere, Earls of Oxford.
It continued in this Family till Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl, squandering his estates,
sold it to Henry Attslow, gent, son & heir of Edward Attslow, M.D.
Helen, his daughter and heir brought this estate in marriage to Sir William Andrew, Bart, whose son sold it to Francis Platt esq.; of the Victualling Office; who dying without issue in 1714, his sisters co heirs sold it to Osmund Beauvoir of Balms in Hackney, esq.
He was sheriff of this county in 1742, and was succeeded by his son" (Peter)

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