The De Beauvoir Herd
British White Cattle

Picture of British White Bull, De Beauvoir Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Finn
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British White Estimated Heritability Traits

Fertility 10
Birth Weight 40
Cow Maternal Ability 40
Pre-Weaning Gain 40
Weaning Weight 30
Conformation Score at Weaning 30
Post Weaning Gain in Pasture 45
Post Weaning Gain in Feedlot 57
Yearling Weight 60
Efficiency of Gain in Feedlot 40
Carcass Dressing Percentage 45
Carcass Grade 45
Carcass Fat Thickness 40
Carcass Loin Eye Area 70
Carcass Tenderness 60
Carcass Retail Yield 60

De Beauvoir Farm
De Beauvoir Chase, Ramsden Heath, Downham, Essex. CM11 1PR
Tel/Fax: 01268 710112

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